Remodeling Your Business // Maggie Harlow - Owner of Signarama Downtown - Louisville KY

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We're joined by Maggie Harlow – the successful owner of Signarama Downtown in Louisville KY. She's a leader in the industry and also a columnist for Signs of The Times. We talk about her journey in the sign industry – from jumping into ownership without any industry experience, through managing large national projects for clients, and then to completely "re-modeling" her business when the old model no longer fit. There are lots of great nuggets and advice in this episode.

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In this episode...
00:00 - Intro
01:21 - Welcome
04:41 - Welcoming Maggie
06:20 - Signarama vs FastSigns
07:30 - Maggie's story
10:20 - What is perfect about the sign industry?
15:15 - Love/hate relationship with the industry
17:43 - 1st full year as a franchise owner and doing a million
23:30 -  90 buses in 90 days?
26:20 - Other managed projects
31:00 - The time frame for the transition
37:10 - Picky about doing projects
38:50 - Saying NO to customers
42:40 - Favorite type of sign to make
44:00 - Advice for shop owners  
45:55 - Present trends and the future of the industry
48:45 - Future of Maggie's business
50:00 - Maggie's leadership team
58:00 - Thanks to Maggie
01:02:23 - Rapid takeaways
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Maggie Harlow
Maggie Harlow
Owner of Signarama Downtown | Louisville
Remodeling Your Business // Maggie Harlow - Owner of Signarama Downtown - Louisville KY
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