We Want Frank

There was time in the sign industry – way before COVID, but way after hand lettering and the rise of computers – when everybody still read SignCraft and got 200 page catalogs in the mail from sign suppliers damn near every quarter. There were no supply issues and there were many sign suppliers just waiting to be swallowed up by Grimco…. In short, these were good days.

The Legendary FPP Ratio

Sign nerds across the country anxiously awaited the latest edition of the Feller’s catalog.

Not to see the latest vinyls that 3M wanted to charge us a small fortune for or to learn about whatever “amazing but actually shitty” solvent printer was released. But solely for the chance to browse the Fellers catalog and count the FPPs. The Franks Per Page. The golden ratio before golden ratios.

ScreenShot 2022-09-07 at 21.46.09@2x.png

ScreenShot 2022-09-07 at 21.46.22@2x.png

In a stroke of marketing genius, Frank would share actually helpful tips throughout the catalog that made you want to look through every single page.

1 FPP was common. 2 FPP was a little more rare. But 3 FPP, sheeeeeeet, you had hit the jackpot my friend.


ScreenShot 2022-09-07 at 22.02.21@2x.png

Sign makers no longer get as many thick-ass catalogs full of sign supplies. And SignCraft is now an online-only magazine. But we feel that Frank’s legacy is forever.

Who are you?

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You are the Frank Fellers

Holy shit! This is awesome. We’ve finally gotten your attention. Listen….we’d love to have you as a guest on our podcast. Your backyard garage to wrap supply mogul story was an inspiration for us as we were coming up in the industry. And we’ve got a ton of fond memories of browsing the Feller’s catalog and chatting up our reps to get the best prices.

Our stated goal from the start of the podcast was to get you on an interview, so you’ll be fulfilling our podcast dreams. If that’s not enough for you, then think of all of sign industry listeners would be interested in hearing the Fellers story straight from the man himself. It’s a win / win.

Our email is [email protected]. Email us or have your people contact our people email address. Please join us as a guest on an episode of the podcast.

Wait…who’s Frank Fellers?

Come on? Really? You’re in the industry and you don’t know Frank?

Honestly get the hell outta here. We will forgive you, but seriously why are you still reading this page? On second thought, maybe check out the podcast. It could do you some good.

You’re not Frank, but you’d like to help get Frank on the podcast

Thank you! We’re not worthy (cue Wayne’s World gif). If you buy from Fellers, please tell your rep about our podcast and our mission here. Tell them you want to hear Frank on the Better Sign Shop Podcast. Send them the link to this page.

Or if you have some friends or peeps that are somehow connected to Frank, tell them about the podcast and our goal.

You’re not Frank, but you’d like to be a podcast guest

We get it. We can’t all be Frank Freaking Fellers. But maybe you’ve got a great story just the same.

So if you’re in the sign industry and have valuable experiences to share, we’re listening 👂. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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