When To Invest In Your Shop

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The guys tackle three more questions from readers. 1) When should you invest in your shop? 2) How do I handle a client that's unhappy with their sign or print? and last but not least - 3) What should my mark-ups on materials be?
Michael, Peter, and Bryant are back with more answers to listener questions. They cover...
  1. When should you invest in your shop? 
  2. How do I handle a client that's NOT happy with their vehicle wrap even though they approved the proof ?
  3. What should my markups on materials be?

In this episode, we discuss...
  • Mike's panic about his upcoming wedding (01:59)
  • Diving into when to invest in your shop (06:57)
  • Peter's reason why he bought his first printer (09:21)
  • Should you buy a new piece of equipment if you don't have time to learn how to use it (15:50)
  • Why training is as important as any equipment you buy (20:10)
  • Other types of investment into your team (27:51)
  • The importance of simply paying your team well (31:15)
  • How to handle un-happy customers (35:27)
  • The situation is never black and white (39:15)
  • Handling the situation (43:37)
  • What to set your material markups at (51:40)

Links from the episode
  • Topaz Labs (for enhancing pixelated images) https://www.topazlabs.com/
  • Wrap Institute (for video courses on wrapping vehicles) https://wrapinstitute.com/

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When To Invest In Your Shop
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