Art Department Efficiency // Adam Wold of Creative Sign Designs

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Having been in the industry for 23 years, Adam started as a production employee within a franchised sign company. From there, he moved into production management, then inside/outside sales, and now, for the last 6 years, he has been working as a Director of Project Development, managing the sign design team of Creative Sign Designs. 

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In this episode...
00:00  Intro
00:38  Sponsor
01:33  Catching up
04:02   Welcoming Adam
04:40   Adam’s backstory
10:50   Creative Sign Designs
13:10   Role in creative sign designs
15:30   Adam’s team         
19:33  Hiring Designers for 5700 requests
25:40   Hunting for good people
28:40   Workflow and processes of the business
38:26   Helping designers design 
40:32   Day-to-day within the department
43:30   Advice for the small design team
47:10   Facilitating communication across department
51:30   Thoughts on A.I
55:30   Useful CorelDRAW plugin
57:45   Future for Creative Sign Designs

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Art Department Efficiency // Adam Wold of Creative Sign Designs
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