Growing Pains // Luc Michaud of Signtek Industries

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Michael, Peter, and Bryant tackle how to manage rapid growth in your shop. The guys interview Luc Michaud of Signtek about how his shop is tackling their own growth challenges.
Are you experiencing growing pains in your shop? Things starting to fall through the cracks? Listen in as the guys discuss the challenges of managing a growing shop.
Luc Michaud, co-owner of Signtek Industries ( in Prince George, British Columbia – joins us to talk about some of their own experiences with 25% growth year over year since 2012.

In this episode, we discuss...
  • Turning away money (08:05)
  • Abandoning your vision you first had for your shop (09:59)
  • The growth of Luc's company (19:44)
  • Signtek's major roadblocks (21:09)
  • The breakout of Signtek's current staff (24:56)
  • Luc's growth strategy for the company (27:49)
  • The bottlenecks of smaller jobs vs larger jobs (36:10)
  • The benefits of systems-based shops and franchises like Fast Signs (43:37)
  • All the different funny business names in Canada (54:23)
  • The technician vs business owner personalities (55:37)
  • Why Peter ACTUALLY got into the sign business (01:07:59)
  • Why Luc is excited about the future of his shop (01:11:27)

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Growing Pains // Luc Michaud of Signtek Industries
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