Navigating Your Shop's Legacy - with Taylor Kraenzel of Vizion Signs

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How did you get your start in the industry? Guest Taylor Kraenzel joins us to talk carrying on his grandfather's legacy and all the challenges that come along with taking over your family's sign shop.
Taylor Kraenzel of Vizion Signs ( joins us to talk about what it's like to take over and modernize the family business while still trying to retain the craft and eye for artwork that they were known for.

Taylor's grandfather started the shop way back in 1966. And they're still going strong. Just a heads up – this one runs a bit long but we had a blast. We cover a ton of great topics and we even get to flip the script a bit at the end.

In this episode...
  • Mike dies from laughter (01:45)
  • Mike - the Sign Chimichanga - tries to give Bryant a nickname (02:40)
  • Peter shares some big news about his future (09:56)
  • Taylor shares his backstory (19:09)
  • Taylor's takeaways from success in the real estate industry (26:16)
  • Balancing the art focus and the commerical side (38:21)
  • In a competitive market, how does Vizion stand out? (46:08)
  • The profitability of the business (01:07:15)
  • How to outsource installation (01:10:05)
  • Is focusing on vehicle wraps a good avenue for growth? (01:28:20)
  • Takeaways for Taylor (01:40:00)


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Navigating Your Shop's Legacy - with Taylor Kraenzel of Vizion Signs
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