Outsourcing Your Way To Freedom // Jeremy Siegers - Sharp Mill Graphics

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Michael and Bryant discuss outsourcing as a way to improve your business AND your lifestyle. The guys interview Jeremy Siegers of Sharp Mill Graphics on how he's transformed his shop to fit his lifestyle.
Michael and Bryant discuss the benefits of outsourcing and the lessons they learned. The guys are joined by guest Jeremy Siegers from Sharp Mill Graphics. Jeremy recently completely transformed his entire business by ditching his shop and letting his production staff go to work 100% remotely. He's changed his business to fit his ideal lifestyle.

In this episode, we discuss...
  • Mike's nutty catalytic converter story (01:10)
  • Post Malone and Country Singers (04:54)
  • Mike's take on outsourcing (6:00)
  • How much outsourcing the guys did in their shops (9:14)
  • Why not to buy that new equipment (11:56)
  • Don't underestimate the maintenance and service (16:45)
  • What you should outsource (21:52)
  • Outsourcing overflow is OK (23:50)
  • Intro to Jeremy and Sharp Mill (26:30)
  • The tipping point for Jeremy (38:00)
  •  How Jeremy is vetting vendors (48:15)
  • Rapid fire takeaways (57:00)

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Outsourcing Your Way To Freedom // Jeremy Siegers - Sharp Mill Graphics
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