Will it be fun? // Dan Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation //

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In this episode...
00:00      Intro
02:20      Welcome Dan   
03:10       About Dan
05:10       Ordinary stuff 
06:20      Starting shop in high school   
08:10       Imagination Corporation, today vs when it started
12:15        Looking at things differently.     
14:20       Test for customers (5 Questions)    
18:10        Deviating from the questions
19:54       Owning only half a percent of the business
20:49       Difference of opinion 
22:23       Different Process 
24:10       Types of Projects 
31:50       How much does location matter?
33:20      Contacting customers
36:40      Scope of Projects
38:40      Building Experiences 
40:40      Pieces of Advice
48:15       Family Business
56:30       Inner working of the Business  
01:01:40  Future for dan
01:06:30  Outro

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Will it be fun? // Dan Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation //
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