Chill The F$&k Out // Dan Yoder of Sign Art Studio

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In this episode, we're joined by Dan Yoder - the owner of Sign Art Studio, a killer sign shop with 30 people near Madison, Wisconsin. Dan has been in the industry since 2005 and gives us valuable insights on various topics such as the business and art side of the industry, the importance of systems and processes, hiring and managing employees, and more.

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Key Points Discussed:

- Dan's Origin Story: Dan has always been interested in art and fell in love with this craft early in his life. Making mistakes, learning from them, and growing forward continuously. He started his own business in 2005 and now has a team of about 30.

- Team Management: Dan discusses Sign Art Studio, how he started the business, and how he tackled all of its problems. He tells us the structure of his team and how it works. He also shares the importance of Teamwork and how he manages his team to gain efficiency.

- Hiring Question: Dan answered one of the most asked questions about hiring. He shares his thoughts on hiring somebody with no experience or someone with some signage experience.

- Business and Art: We dive deep into this discussion where we all share our thoughts on the "Business" and "Art" side of the industry, which one has more importance, and how both can be managed.

- Processes and Systems: We discuss processes and systems, layers of processes, flexibility with systems, having processes to set or change processes, and much more. Dan shares the Sign Art Studios' way of working and how they have set up their workflow.

- Right Type of Clients: Working with the right type of clients is a different experience, as it is much more collaborative and engaging and brings out the best in everyone. Dan gives solid advice to shop owners on finding the right type of clients and shares how they qualify and classify their clients. 

- Dan's Podcast: Dan does his own Podcast, which you must listen to.

In this episode...

00:00       Intro
00:38       Sponsor
02:28       Welcoming Dan
05:30       Dan’s Journey
09:55       Sign Art Studio
16:50       Team management and working
21:30       Hiring People
25:30       Last 10-20 years of the industry
32:20       Process of onboarding a new employee    
36:00       Business and art
47:40       Focus on Entrepreneurial Operating Systems
55:25         Motive         
01:04:30    Processes and System       
01:26:30    Future for Dan
01:29:05    Working with the right type of client
01:35:30    Dan’s Podcast
01:41:50    Rapid fire takeaways
01:46:20    Outro

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Chill The F$&k Out // Dan Yoder of Sign Art Studio
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