Getting on the Right Track // Joe Arenella - Signtracker

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Having owned two sign businesses and a software company that creates shop management software for the sign industry, Joe Arenella has seen the industry from a few different angles. He joins us to talk about his journey in the industry, what it's like making software for sign makers, and more. He also shares his advice for newer business owners and how to get unstuck.

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In this episode...
00:00  Intro
02:20 Peter's ChatGPT experience
05:54 Guest intro
07:30 Need of software like SignTracker and the journey
17:30 Favorite feature about SignTracker
19:55 Takeaways from SignTracker
23:15 Support team in SignTracker
24:50 Attracting the next 500 shops
31:00 Growing technology
34:40 Process for delivering
37:30 Why SignTracker software over others
41:00 Onboarding with the software
44:50 Missing Piece
48:00 From Technician to Owner
53:45 Mental health and alcohol

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Joe Arenella
Joe Arenella
Founder @SignTracker & Behind the Signs Community
Getting on the Right Track // Joe Arenella - Signtracker
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