Shop Owner Q&A - August

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Peter, Michael, and Bryant answer questions from listeners on how to manage shop minimums, how much to pay yourself as a shop owner, and how to get new leads for your sign shop.
Instead of riffing on a single topic, we answer three important questions from podcast listeners. If you're a shop owner, you've got answers to these at some point – so listen in and see if you agree with our recommendations.

1. How do you address minimum orders and how to handle the walk-ins requesting $50 lettering/signs? Also how minimums might apply to large accounts that frequently request small orders in between larger orders?

2. How much should you be paying yourself as the owner of a sign shop

3. How can I get new leads for my sign company? What’s worked well for you all?

In this episode, we discuss...
  • How to address minimum orders (09:13)
  • The importance of qualifying customers (13:05)
  • Locking the doors and going appointment only (14:46)
  • Walk-in customers get shown the door for $50 (16:37)
  • 'Shop minimums' creating poor experiences for customers (19:21)
  • How to use a minimum order amount to upsell (22:28)
  • What to do when large accounts need small orders (29:07)
  • The difference between a large account vs a good account (33:53)
  • How much should you be paying yourself? (35:08)
  • Are you a key employee as well as an owner? (38:17)
  • Importance of having financial experts on your team (42:07)
  • How can I get new leads for my shop? (43:37)
  • Who's your customer (46:34)
  • Using pay-per-click ads (49:04)
  • Don't ignore face-to-face marketing (51:13)
  • Rapid-fire takeaways (57:01)

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Shop Owner Q&A - August
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