Show Up For Your Customers // James Neely of RP Signs

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In the episode, James shares how RP Signs has reached 5 million without a sales representative and for the first time in three generations is hiring a sales rep. We also learn about how they have incredible retention for all their key employees in the business.
James Neely is the Director of Project Management at RP Signs from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the third-generation owner of RP Signs. They provide full end-to-end service for their clients in a few different verticals like healthcare, architects / design firms, and facilities management.

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Owner T.J. Bedacht and his team focus on providing old-school customer service. You can go ahead and check out Episode #9 to see for yourself.  So if you're looking for a wholesale print provider for banners, coroplast signs, vehicle wraps, and other digitally printed graphics...

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In this episode...

00:00       Intro
00:38       Sponsor
01:25        Catching up
05:30           Welcoming James
06:20           About James and RP Signs
08:25           Types of clients
11:50           James Journey
15:10           Why bring in a salesperson?
20:00           RP Signs Market Area
22:30           Business acquisition strategy
23:50           Getting into healthcare
26:20           Secret sauce of lasting this long     
38:20           Pricing
40:00           Working in a family business
46:30           Keeping people around for years
48:50           Culture                     
54:50           Advice
55:30           Future for James, company and industry
57:30           Peter breaks "Culture"
01:02:30     Rapid fire takeaways

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Creators and Guests

Bryant Gillespie
Bryant Gillespie
Founder at Better Sign Shop
James Neely
James Neely
Director of Project Management at RP Signs
Show Up For Your Customers // James Neely of RP Signs
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