Stop Fumbling The Handoff

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Michael, Peter, and Bryant talk about the common place that things breakdown in a sign or print shop – handoffs between departments. The guys discuss the challenges and give their recommendations for improving your communication inside your shop.
Most mistakes in a sign or print shop are made during the handoffs. When a job is handed from sales to design, from design to production, from production to install. It's important that you manage the handoff well in order to ensure things are completed on time and customers stay happy.

In this episode, we discuss...
  • Peter has a crisis over Disney's power bill (02:30)
  • Mike's fixer upper (04:28)
  • Mike's football knowledge (09:35)
  • Where do most breakdowns happen (11:54)
  • It's all about communication (14:20)
  • Fast Signs sing-along (15:44)
  • Importance of meetings once per week (17:15)
  • Using tools like Slack to communicate internally (21:16)
  • Bryant gives his favorite email / team communication tool (26:57)
  • What are some symptoms of poor handoffs (34:11)
  • Blame the sales team (38:58)
  • Don't blame the sales team (43:20)
  • Job shadowing as a way to improve teamwork (52:00)
  • The meat and potatoes (54:50)
  • Rapid fire takeaways (59:59)

Links from the episode
  • Slack - team group chat tool the guys discussed (
  • Missive - Bryant's recommendation for a shared inbox tool (
  • Many Requests - Mike's recommendation for managing client submitted design jobs (
  • Jim Justice Memes (
  • Money Pit - 80s movie with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long (
  • Mike's home remodeling blog (

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Stop Fumbling The Handoff
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